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Q - My Electric/Gas is not working?

A - Unfortunately, 444 Rentals Ltd are not the energy suppliers for any of the utilities at your property. You will need to contact the correct energy supplier for your property. Please see a list of the major energy suppliers.


Q - I am leaving next month, so therefore, I will not be paying the last months rent. You can use the deposit as the last months rent?

A - Unfortunately, the deposit can not be used as the last months rent. The deposit is not held with 444 Rentals Ltd. You deposit is with a third party supplier the DPS, you can contact them on 0330 303 0030.


Q - How much notice do I need to give you as I want to leave the property?

A - You will need to give one months written notice as a minimum when you decide to vacate the property so long as you are out of your contract. We will also need access to the property during your notice period to show new prospective clients the property.


Q - I have a maintenance issue what do I do?

A - All maintenance issues need to be reported online at (link) please give as much information as possible as this will speed up the process where our contractors can bring the correct tools and materials. We do encourage you to provide photographs where possible.


Q - I would like to change the locks for the property?

- Unfortunately, you can not change the locks without written permission from us or the landlord. Once permission is granted you will need to provide us with one copy of the key which will be held securely with us.


Q - I would like to get a pet?

A - All requests to keeps pests must be put in writing to us at


Q - I’m leaving, what do I need to do to hand back the property?

A - The property must be returned in the condition that it was handed to you. You will need to perform a deep clean and ensure you get to the kitchen and bathroom extractor fans, washing machine soap dispensers, inside the door, on top of kitchen cupboards, skirting boards, on top of doors, the garden grass must also be cut.


Q - Whose responsible for the gardening?

A - It is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain the garden and keep it neat and tidy during the tenancy.


Q - I wish to add a person to the tenancy?

A - Please put your request via e-mail to us at


Q - I have received a notice, what do I do?

A - On some occasions it maybe necessary to serve you with notice to vacate the property. This could be for many reasons, i.e, the landlord may be thinking of selling the property, you may not have been keeping up with the terms of the tenancy agreement etc. Rest assured, we will always support you through this process and we recommend you also get advise from the citizens advice bureau.


Q - How do I pay rent?

A - We do not accept cash or cheques, it is your responsibility to ensure a standing order is set up from the outset of the tenancy and the rent is paid on time. Continuous late and non payment of rent will result to the tenancy being terminated. Our bank details are as follows:


Account Name: 444 Rentals Ltd

Account Number: 53663809

Sort Code: 40-09-07


Q - I need to put a tv bracket up is that ok?

A - Please put your requests in writing via email at We usually do not have any issues if you wish to setup a different layout of your property. However, we will need the property returned in the same condition that it was provided. This usually means you will have to fill the holes and paint the entire walls, as just touch up paint will look bad at the end of the tenancy and will not be presentable.


Q - I want to put stickers on my walls, will that be a problem?

A - Please refrain from putting stickers on the wall as this causes damage and will leave lasting marks on the walls.


Q - I want to drill holes in my walls, will that be a problem?

A - This depends on the reason and you must put your requests in writing via e-mail to Please refrain from drilling any type of holes in the walls without prior consent and authorisation. At the end of your tenancy, all authorised holes need to be filled and all walls painted. Just touch up paint will not be accepted. 


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