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Threatened with Eviction


Threatened with eviction

Your landlord could evict you for not paying your rent. This is called ‘seeking possession’. If they are going to evict you, they will first give you a ‘Notice of Seeking Possession (NSP)’.


As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, new Regulations have been made under Schedule 29 to the Coronavirus Act 2020, that temporarily extend the minimum notice periods landlords must give to tenants with assured and assured shorthold tenancies. 

A 6 month notice period will apply to notices issued on or after 24 July 2020 under section 8 of the Housing Act 1988, except those that specify grounds 7A or 14 (relating to anti-social behaviour).  A 3 month notice period will continue to apply to notices that specify grounds 7A or 14. 


A 6 month notice period will apply to notices issued on or after 24 July 2020 under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988.


Schedule 29 is temporarily amended so that a landlord serving a notice on or after 24 July will be required to provide extended notice during the remainder of relevant period, which currently ends on 30 September 2020. The relevant period may be extended by the Welsh Ministers beyond 30 September 2020 using the power set out in paragraph 1(2) of Schedule 29.


The temporary change to notice periods is being made in order to further delay evictions during the ongoing public health emergency. They will mean that fewer people will face eviction into homelessness at a time when local authorities are less able to respond to these situations; those renting their homes will benefit from increased security and reduced anxiety; and individuals at risk of eviction will be provided with increased time to seek support to resolve any problems.


Please note: for all possession notices served between 27 March and 23 July, a 3 month notice period applied.

Your landlord cannot evict you without a court order.


If you get a notice you are unhappy with, you should get advice from Shelter Cymru or Citizens Advice.

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