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Browning Road Bridge Area Traffic Scheme


Browning Road Bridge Area Traffic Scheme

The Browning Road Bridge area scheme was put in place experimentally in August, 2019 following complaints from residents about high numbers of cars travelling through the area, specifically using residential roads as rat runs from Romford Road to High Street North in East Ham.

During this time the council has monitored air quality and traffic flow; as well as collected feedback from residents.

Traffic orders in the area have now been made permanent after the data showed a significant improvement in air quality.

Improved Air Quality

Research from Public Health England revealed that Newham has the worst air quality in England with seven out of every 100 deaths linked to dirty air, totalling 96 deaths each year. In 2019 a British Heart Foundation study equated this exposure to residents, including babies and children, to smoking 159 cigarettes per year.

The council has monitored air quality and traffic flow, carefully excluding unrepresentative data during the Covid lockdown period when traffic flows were artificially low, as well as gathering feedback from residents. The data revealed:

  • When comparing before and after data from October 2019 to October 2020 (before and after the introduction of camera enforcement) it indicates that south of the bridge at Browning Road Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) reduced by 40%
  • South of the bridge PM2.5 has also reduced by 39%. PM2.5 is atmospheric Particulate Matter with a maximum diameter of 2.5 micrometers. These types of particles are considered the most dangerous to human health
  • At Essex School there has been 30% reduction in NO2 and 35% reduction in PM2.5 when comparing August 2020 to October 2020
  • Hourly pollution levels over the day and night show an overall reduction of 26% in PM10 concentration (Particulate Matter of 10 micrometres or less in diameter)
  • On the north side of Browning Road Bridge in the Little Ilford area, there has been a reduction in NO2 of between 18 and 28% outside the three schools St Winefrides, Little Ilford and Kensington

Reduced traffic and speed

  • Traffic speed surveys carried out in 2019 before access restrictions and in 2020 after access restrictions revealed that on average speeds have reduced from 20.4mph to 19.3mph
  • Traffic counts at Browning Road Bridge show that traffic volumes have reduced by up to 62% (3,000 vehicles per day) between 7am and 7pm. Traffic counts on Romford Road show an increase of less than 750 vehicles per day, suggesting that the traffic has not all been displaced to the main roads around the area

Do I need a permit?

Local residents who live near Browning Road Bridge are permitted through the closure in the southbound direction only with a valid permit.

If you already hold a resident parking permit or resident disabled parking permit you do not need to do anything, as your number plates will automatically be added to the ‘approved’ list.

If you are on the 'approved list' you will not receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for crossing the Browning Road Bridge.

If you park off-street and do not have a RPZ permit or you are riding a motorcycle, you will need to apply for your vehicle to be added to the ‘approved list’ and you will automatically be issued with a virtual permit.

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