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Creating a good first impression


The first impression made on a prospective tenant is one that will remain, so it is imperative that your property looks its very best. We recommend the following (relevant to all properties, but particularly to those which are unoccupied):

  • Post should not be allowed to pile up inside the front door – especially circulars and free magazines.

  • Communal front gardens and entrance hall should be tidy, clean and free of clutter as possible.

  • Windows should be clean – virtual light can be lost through dirty windows and greying curtains, giving the impression the property is uncared for. Equally a clean front door with shiny door furniture gives an excellent first impression.

  • Regular cleaning and keeping the property aired is very important. A regular dust, vacuum and cleaning of washing-up and washing will improve the presentation of the property.

  • An obvious point but worth noting is that a comfortable temperature in the property will help in the overall impression.

  • Good natural light is a tremendous asset and should be maximised. During the day, keep curtains fully drawn back; in the evening and during the winter, good lighting will be important both for viewing purpose and to enhance the feel of the property.

  • When a property is presented fully furnished, the beds should be made with fresh bed linen. 

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